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" data-cs-href='' media='all' /> Review: Awesome Automated AI Cold Email Tool (2024)

In this blog post, we will provide a detailed review of, a sales automation tool designed for email and LinkedIn channels.

We have thoroughly tested this product for over 100 hours and analyzed 100 real user reviews to give you a comprehensive understanding of what has to offer.

Overview of is an automation SaaS primarily focused on cold email automation, with a few additional features for LinkedIn. It is commonly used by sales teams and lead generation agencies to enhance their productivity and generate more sales leads.

The tool recently incorporated AI capabilities, adding an interesting and creative dimension to its functionality. Review

Features We Like in

Seamless Integration seamlessly integrates with your existing email workflow, allowing you to monitor email views and replies. You can sync your data with your CRM, ensuring a clean and organized view of all your information. offers several integrations to enhance its functionality and streamline workflows. The platform provides seamless integration with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, email providers, and other applications commonly used by sales teams and lead generation agencies.

Some of the key integrations available with include:

  1. CRM Integrations: integrates well with leading CRM tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Copper. These integrations allow for seamless syncing of data, ensuring that all interactions and activities are accurately tracked within the CRM system.
  2. Lead Database Integrations: They have a LeadFuze integration which works with their AI-powered Fuzebot feature. This is extremely powerful for automating sales prospecting completely.
  3. Email Provider Integrations: Users can integrate their existing email accounts with, including popular providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and Exchange. This enables users to manage their email communication within the platform, keeping all conversations and data centralized.
  4. Zapier Integration: supports integration with Zapier, a leading automation tool that connects different applications. Through Zapier, users can create custom workflows and automate tasks between and other popular apps, allowing for more efficient and streamlined processes.
  5. Custom Integrations: For users with specific integration requirements, offers custom integration options. By discussing their unique needs with the sales team, users can explore tailor-made solutions to integrate with their preferred applications or systems.

Email Tracking

The tool provides detailed insights into email performance, including open rates and reply rates. This comprehensive analytics dashboard offers valuable information for optimizing your email campaigns.

Multichannel Outbound Approach excels in cold outreach, offering auto follow-up features and multi-channel customization.

This enables you to reach out to prospects through multiple communication channels, increasing your chances of getting responses.

The multi-channel approach is particularly beneficial for cold outreach strategies. It allows users to leverage different channels to increase the chances of connecting with prospects and receiving responses.

For example, if a prospect doesn’t respond to an initial email,’s auto follow-up feature enables the user to schedule follow-up emails in the same thread, three days, five days, or seven days later.

This persistent approach often leads to increased engagement and higher response rates.

Personalization and AI Tools recently introduced AI capabilities, such as its Jason AI feature. This tool helps salespeople personalize their email outreach more effectively, resulting in higher response rates from prospects.

The AI tool utilizes natural language processing (NLP) techniques to analyze the context and content of emails. It suggests personalized templates and recommendations based on the recipient’s industry, job title, and other available information.

This allows users to create highly targeted and relevant emails that resonate with their prospects.

Jason AI also assists in maintaining a conversational tone in emails, making them sound more natural and authentic.

By generating personalized email content efficiently, it saves users time and effort while still ensuring effective communication.

Automatic AI Conversation Tools to Respond to Leads

Additionally,’s AI conversation tools enable users to create customized sequences and follow-ups based on prospect interactions.

With the help of AI, users can craft personalized messages that align with prospects’ interests, industry, or specific questions.

This level of customization helps build rapport, increases response rates, and improves overall lead conversion.

Overall,’s AI conversation tools empower users to have more personalized and automated interactions with their leads.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, sales teams can effectively engage with prospects, save time, and improve the success of their sales outreach.

Email Validation has a user-friendly email validation feature, allowing users to validate email addresses with just a single click.

This helps maintain domain reputation and prevents bouncing emails.

Email Warmup offers an email warm-up feature as part of their professional plan. 

With’s warm-up feature, users can gradually increase the volume of emails sent over a specified period.

The warm-up process typically involves gradually increasing the number of emails sent each day, starting from a low volume and gradually ramping up.

By sending emails in this controlled manner, users can avoid triggering spam filters and detrimental actions by email service providers.

The warm-up feature in allows users to automate this process, ensuring that their sending reputation is maintained and their emails successfully reach their intended recipients.

This is crucial for sales teams and lead generation agencies who heavily rely on email outreach to connect with prospects.

Areas for Improvement in

Poor Management of Multiple Accounts/Users can be challenging to manage when multiple accounts or users are involved, causing confusion and inconvenience for larger sales teams or agencies.

Steep Learning Curve

The tool has a non-intuitive interface and a time-consuming onboarding process, making it difficult for new users to get started.

Technical Glitches and Slow Performance

Some users have reported technical glitches and slow performance, which can be frustrating and impact overall user experience.

Unreliable Customer Support has received criticism for unreliable customer support, with users reporting unresponsiveness and lack of assistance.

Cumbersome Setup and Navigation

The setup process and navigation within the tool can be cumbersome, often requiring multiple steps and configurations.

This can lead to wasted time and effort for users. This is also normal for tools of this depth and feature set.

Inefficient Reporting and Analytics

Some users have found the data provided by to be incomplete or inaccurate. For example, it has been mentioned that the tool may overstate the number of email opens or click-through rates.

This discrepancy in data accuracy can create confusion and hinder users’ ability to accurately assess the performance of their email campaigns. Additionally, with Apple’s iOS 14 updates, which include improved privacy features, email tracking has become more challenging.

While this may not be directly attributed to, it still affects the reliability of reporting. Having comprehensive and accurate data is crucial for making informed decisions and optimizing sales strategies. Pricing offers various pricing plans to cater to different user requirements.

They provide a free plan allowing users to test the tool with a limited number of credits.

The starter and professional plans offer additional features at reasonable prices.

Plan Price (USD per month) Features
Professional $90 Email sending, email sequencing, follow-up tracking, email templates, CRM integration, reporting
Agency Starter $60 Everything in the Professional plan, plus team collaboration, lead scoring, and custom email fields
Agency Professional $60 Everything in the Agency Starter plan, plus advanced reporting, custom email domains, and dedicated support
Custom Contact sales For teams with more than 20 users or custom needs

All plans include a 14-day free trial.

Please note that prices may vary depending on the location and number of users. For more information on pricing, please visit the website or contact sales.

Custom plans are available for larger teams or specific needs, with the option to discuss unique requirements with the sales team.

They also offer agency plans tailored for agencies, with multiple email accounts and unlimited users.

The Best Use Cases for is best suited for sales teams and lead generation agencies looking to enhance their productivity and generate more leads.

With its seamless integration into existing email workflows, it allows users to monitor email views and replies, syncing data with their CRM for a clean and organized view. 

The tool’s comprehensive email tracking features provide valuable insights into open and reply rates, enabling users to optimize their email campaigns effectively. also excels in cold outreach, offering auto follow-up features and multi-channel customization, increasing the chances of getting responses from prospects.

The recent addition of AI tools, like the Jason AI feature, helps personalize email outreach, resulting in higher response rates.

Additionally, the email validation feature ensures that email addresses are verified, maintaining domain reputation and preventing bounce backs. Review Conclusion is a powerful sales automation tool with robust email automation features and a growing emphasis on AI capabilities.

While it offers many advantages, such as seamless integration, comprehensive analytics, and multi-channel outreach, it does have some areas for improvement, including customer support, user interface, and technical glitches.

Overall, it is worth considering for sales teams and lead generation agencies seeking to enhance their productivity and generate more leads.

However, it is advisable to thoroughly test the tool and evaluate whether it meets your specific requirements before committing to a paid plan.

We have used and it’s a great tool that keeps getting better.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is based on personal research and user reviews. It is recommended to independently verify the features and capabilities of before making a purchase decision.

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