How Do You Stand Out in a Cold Email?

With so much noise out in the B2B industry, you need to find a way to cut through the noise.

So how do you stand out in a cold email?

Case Studies

There’s nothing more powerful than having experience and proven performance in your prospect’s niche or a niche similar to theirs.

Good case studies with known brands can tip the scales in your favor very quickly and make you stand out.


Which email do you think will get read more often?

  • Hi {first_name},
  • Hi {first_name}, I really liked your recent LinkedIn post about [topic]. I totally agree with you on [specific_point]

No question: #2 will get read and reacted to much more.

It shows they actually did their research and took the time to personalize each email.

This isn’t just a random, spammy bulk email. This is a meaningful conversation starter that could be valuable for both parties.

Website or Landing Page

Whether you link to it in the signature or whether people manually copy and paste your website URL into their browser, your web presence is important.

It will tell them very quickly whether you’re legitimate or not.

It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it is necessary and should be filled to the brim with good case studies and proof of your track record.

Sense of Humor

Almost everyone has a soft spot for humor.

Charm Offensive is a great place to start for examples of this kind of approach. He includes everything from pictures of funny dogs to “cheeky” calls to action that take away any scent of desperation.

Humor can play to your advantage huge – so don’t miss out. If you’re naturally funny, don’t hide it and be “professional”, let it loose and make deep connections with real people.


There’s a few key ways to stand out in your cold emails.

None are particularly difficult, but all of them require you to get creative and work on your cold email skills.

Stay ahead of the curve and create a semi-automated machine for growing your revenue.

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