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Wiza Alternatives

Wiza is an amazing LinkedIn email scraper. See alternatives to Wiza and their pros and cons.


The Best Wiza Alternatives

Here are some LinkedIn email scrapers that can help you grow your business.

This is one of the best lead generation software solutions on the market.ย 

Prospectss lead generation

Wiza is a highly accurate LinkedIn email finder. Highly recommended.

SalesHandy is a total cold email suite that includes a LinkedIn email scraper and email warmups.


Wiza vs Competitors


  • Unlimited Email Extraction
  • Scrape Twitter, Instagram, and more
  • Data Enrichment
  • Very Accurate Data
Better value


  • Credit-Based Email Extraction
  • Scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Data Enrichment
  • Extremely Accurate Data
Better value

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Martin testimonial for prospectingtoolkit
Martin Smith
Agency Owner

Feeling amazing... Just got off a call with Google about an upcoming event they would like to include me in based on a cold email I sent to a contact I scraped with ProspectingToolkit!

Morgan Williams
Morgan Williams
Agency Owner
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Paid for itself many times over, recommend it
Vanessa Pagan
Vanessa Pagan
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This is great, definitely getting a lot of value
Freelance Designer
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The software is helping me getting more clients for my business.
Tony York
Tony York
Agency Owner
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Insane value here, the bootcamp helped a lot too


We’re here to answer any question you have and help you along in your lead generation journey.

This is how you use Wiza on LinkedIn:

  1. Download and install the Chrome Extension
  2. Click “Lists”
  3. Click “Start a Scan”
  4. Click “Open Sales Navigator”
  5. Use the Filters to find your ideal customers

Wiza is completely safe. Lots of large and small companies use Wiza in their workflow and there’s no risk to their LinkedIn accounts.

Wiza gives you professional and personal emails, phone numbers, social media handles, company info and more from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You only pay when they find verified data.

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Vanessa Pagan
Vanessa PaganRecruiter
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This is great, definitely getting a lot of value
SebastianFreelance Designer
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This masterclass changes the game. I'm getting more new clients than ever.
Tony York
Tony YorkAgency Owner
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The value here is mind-blowing. I closed over $5k in the first week after I had these new angles to try.
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