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AI Blogging Course

Earn Passive Income with AI Blogging

Write #1 Ranking Blog Articles with AI in Minutes and Create a Passive Income Blog Asset Powered by SEO

It's easy ✨

When you’re finished with this course, you will be able to dominate Google search results and monetize your blog, to create a passive income asset – all with 100% free AI tools.

You will learn...

Free tools and resources

You get the right tools for the job.

✨ Notion Dashboard

You get a free Notion Dashboard to track all of your progress (and it even has AI built in if you want to speed up the process!)

🤳 All the Prompts

You get worksheets and cheat sheets with all the prompts used in the course to rank #1 with AI blog posts.

😎 Free Tools Only

All of the course materials focus on free tools, so you don't have to stress over paid tools.

Students Entrepreneurs Solopreneurs Online Marketers SEO Pros Agencies ❤️ Us

Hannah Wanjiru
Hannah Wanjiru
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Already getting so much value out of this course really early on. The delivery was at times muffled and fast/rushed, but the content was great. Please improve on delivery.
Uchenna Iheagwu
Uchenna Iheagwu
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I am enjoying the course
Valery Maria Konstantopoulou
Valery Maria Konstantopoulou
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Incredibly valuable content! Can't wait to put what I learned into action. Thanks, instructor!