Get your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Discount.

Get a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription at a 50% discount. That means $49 per month for a full featured Sales Navigator account.

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Get your LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription for $49/month.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Discount

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Subtotal $49.00

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Total due $49.00

Recurring amount $49.00 every 1 month

Frequent Questions

How are you doing this?

We buy bulk Sales Navigator accounts for our outreach, so we get access to bulk prices. We want you to be able to prospect like a pro, so we pass savings on to you.​

Do I need a new LinkedIn account?

No, this will work with your existing LinkedIn account.

What if I already had Sales Nav?

Yes, this works with accounts that have had Sales Navigator in the past.

Is there any risk involved?

Not at all. It's a full featured Sales Navigator account direct from LinkedIn. We play middle man and get you a discount.

Are there any downsides?

You will lose your lists and saved searches from the past. That is the only downside.

How much of a discount?

You will be getting 50% off the standard Sales Navigator fees. Your bill will be $49 USD per month, plus any taxes or VAT fees.

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course. You will be able to manage your subscription and cancel anytime.

How can I use this best?

Pair it with ProspectingToolkit and supercharge your sales prospecting with multi-channel automations, AI personalization, and more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Discount

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