GoHighLevel Review: Is HighLevel CRM Worth It? (2024)

Business-to-business (B2B) sales can be a tricky and complex process. Every organization is unique, and they require unique sales strategies and tactics to maximize its potential.

You want to make sure that you are using the right tools and strategies to ensure success in your sales process.

Let’s get to the point…

GoHighLevel is a powerful CRM and sales platform that can help streamline your B2B sales process.

Its extensive range of features and automated tools can help you quickly and efficiently manage your sales process.

In this article, we will be taking a thorough look at the GoHighLevel CRM and sales platform to assess its suitability for B2B sales.

Hint: I love HighLevel and use it for all of our agencies!

We will dive into the features and tools available on the platform, how they can be used to streamline the B2B sales process, and how they can help you increase the chances of closing more deals.

We will also discuss the pricing plans and other factors that you should consider before diving in.

GoHighLevel Features

If you are using many tools to connect your marketing systems, GoHighLevel can assist you in bringing everything together in one location.

This means you can get rid of your costly tools.

In this review of GoHighLevel, we will analyze all the significant features of the app.

 With GoHighLevel you can: 

  • Create a comprehensive website for your entire company and link it to your domain (utilize website templates and user-friendly domain tools).
  • Create sales funnels, allow clients or potential customers to access your funnels, and seamlessly transfer ClickFunnels funnels.
  • Take charge of your own marketing campaigns and oversee the management of numerous clients through their respective client accounts.
  • Generate membership websites to provide information and distribute digital products (say farewell to Kajabi and similar platforms!).
  • Handle potential customers using an integrated CRM system (allowing you to get rid of your costly CRM software).
  • Design impressive email marketing campaigns, autoresponders, and other advanced features (bid farewell to Active Campaign and similar alternatives!).
  • Generate SMS marketing campaigns, keep track of calls, maintain voicemail, and more.
  • And so much more.

Let us examine each individual feature of GoHighLevel.

Advanced CRM and sales functionalities

According to the GoHighLevel website, they are claiming to assist you by “providing- a powerful all-in-one platform for marketing, sales, and automation.” B  uild the Agency Engine We aim to provide you with everything necessary to expand and increase the size of your marketing agency.

You receive resources for capturing, nurturing, and finalizing potential customers, and everything revolves around their consolidated CRM (Customer Relationship Management System).

The High Level CRM makes it easy for you to interact with more prospects.

With reduced workload, it is now possible to effectively track potential customers, maintain communication with them, and oversee the progress of nurturing campaigns.

You can create Smart Lists in order to effectively market to specific groups, it is important to have a database of potential leads and clients. This enables you to identify these groups and tailor your marketing strategies specifically for them.

Please examine the CRM interface that contains numerous potential customers for one of my marketing campaigns.


GoHighLevel Funnels & Websites refers to the various tools and features offered by the platform called GoHighLevel for creating and managing sales funnels and websites.

The Funnels and landing pages offered by GoHighLevel enable you to combine various features of the platform, creating a system that guides leads towards conversion, thereby transforming them into new customers.

Why doesn’t the marketing automation platform provide you with the necessary tools to create sales funnels that effectively drive conversions?

With GoHighLevel you have the ability to construct a funnel of your choice, facilitate transactions, gather potential customers, and perform additional tasks.

Take a look at the funnel interface:


We particularly appreciate the feature of GoHighLevel that allows us to easily import our owned ClickFunnels pages, simplifying the process of transferring our funnel sites to HighLevel.

For the purposes of this Go High Level Review out yourself by signing up for a High Level account.

We won’t display all of their landing pages, however, I invite you to check out one of the funnel templates I recreated in High Level using a fast import method.


Marketing Automation provided by GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel provides users with robust marketing automation systems and tools. Although there may be a slight learning curve due to the system’s extensive capabilities, once you become familiar with it, you will discover its superiority over similar tools.

In English, you have the capability to create email marketing strategies, initiate automated emails, follow up with automated text messages, and initiate ringless voicemail deliveries, along with many other impressive features.

  • SMS & Chat You have the ability to generate various text templates using the options provided. Afterwards, you can utilize your smart lists to focus on specific groups, send out personalized texts, and even engage in 2-way text conversations within your GHL dashboard.

You can also automate your Facebook Messenger ads by including a chat widget on your website, GHL offers you additional ways to communicate with your potential leads and existing customers.

  • Campaigns enable you to devise targeted advertising campaigns and release them to your pool of potential customers.

Create fully functional websites using Go High Level.

  • GoHighLevel Triggers enable you to create automated actions that are activated by events occurring on your website or in your customer relationship management system.

How does it measure up to other marketing automation tools?

If you compare GoHighLevel with other similar platforms like InfusionSoft or HubSpot, you may initially believe that GoHighLevel is inferior.

However, I would have to respectfully disagree.

The majority of businesses do not require every marketing automation feature available.

Instead, they require efficient tools that enable them to enhance marketing decision-making and attract more customers.

GoHighLevel offers a comprehensive set of marketing automation tools that are specifically created to aid in acquiring customers.

Although it may not have as many features as other marketing automation platforms, GoHighLevel provides an intuitive and powerful platform that is seamlessly integrated into their entire system.

Tools for managing and organizing calendars and scheduling appointments

HighLevel’s Calendar tool enables you to automate the process of scheduling appointments.

You still have the ability to manage your calendar and determine the available times for clients to schedule appointments.

This can be done directly from the GHL dashboard.

The GoHighLevel Calendar offers various features such as sending individuals to a page where they can book appointments, adding a widget to any part of your website, and initiating automations according to events in the calendar.


How does it measure up to other Calendar tools?

We believe that the GHL calendar tools surpass anything available in the market due to their integration with your complete marketing stack. It’s awesome compared to a tool like Calendly.

The visual display and user interface of the system.

The Go High Level Dashboard provides a summary of your business performance.


The dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the conversion rates and aids in understanding the effectiveness of different strategies, highlighting what is successful and what is not.

In general, the user interface is user-friendly and significantly better compared to tools like Kartra or others. ClickFunnels  .

 At a glance you can: 

  • Receive a detailed analysis of your marketing funnel
  • See the abundance of possibilities that lie within your sales pipeline.
  • See what stages your leads are at
  • See the overall value of your pipeline
  • See conversion rates
  • Initiate a phone call to a lead
  • Access all of the marketing tools
  • And a ton more.

 GoHighLevel Email Marketing 

With the GoHighLevel Email builder, you have the ability to generate personalized emails and automations for client communication.

Through its user-friendly drag and drop features, this platform simplifies the process of crafting professional emails and digital marketing automations. It enables you to design and plan various email campaigns and is located in the Marketing section.


In order to expand your customer base effectively, you have the option to integrate and align various communication tools such as emails, texts, voicemails, and more.

By utilizing these tools in a coordinated manner, you can optimize their impact and achieve the desired outcomes.

With GoHighlevel Campaigns  you can:

  • Create email automations
  • Create email + SMS templates to reuse
  • Send broadcast emails
  • Create forms and build your email list
  • Import/Export your email list
  • Generate email groupings and dispatch them collectively.
  • Create surveys in order to divide your list of contacts and the people who visit your website into different segments.
  • Combine your email campaigns with SMS messaging, telephone calls, and voice message drops.
  • Set up automation triggers that activate your campaigns in response to contact behavior or actions.
  • Manage your list and so much more.

GoHighLevel Membership Sites

With GoHighLevel Memberships, you can create content for either free or paid access.

By obtaining a membership, the customer is able to acquire the training material provided by you. This grants you greater authority over the content you produce.

Furthermore, you have the ability to construct courses to sell as an additional income source.

Creating a membership site within GHL is a simple and quick process, which can also be seamlessly integrated with your primary website, sales funnels, and marketing tools.


How does it stack up against other platforms for building membership sites?

In all honesty, the GHL membership site building system is not very impressive.

When compared to tools like Kajabi or ThriveCart, it seems like a secondary consideration. However, they have been making significant improvements to it.

Recently, they have launched Membership Magic Links. This allows you to rapidly generate temporary sign-in links for your clients.

Although it lacks smoothness and lacks the ability to be easily adjusted, its design is not excellent. However, as it is seamlessly connected to other features, it is preferable to having nothing at all.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management assists with the process of requesting and handling online reviews.

These review requests can generate favorable feedback for your business and enhance its ability to attract prospective customers.

Using the Reputation Management feature, you have the ability to:

  • Please forward your company for review to the contacts on your list.
  • Keep track of and oversee your existing online reviews, such as those on Google.

Integration of Google My Business

This feature allows you to link HighLevel to GMB, enabling you to easily handle all your reviews and other tasks directly from your dashboard.

GoHighLevel Mobile App

GHL’s mobile app is what truly distinguishes it from other competitors.

The GoHighLevel Mobile App provides platform access to the essential CRM tools.

 With the mobile app you can: 

  • Gain access to conversations and establish connections with potential clients.
  • See and manage your Opportunities using a Trello-style layout.
  • Manage your Calendars and Appointments
  • Manage your Contacts
  • Manage Review Requests
  • Get dashboard reporting
  • And a ton more.

In comparison to other similar tools available, the mobile app offers a significant advantage for sales teams as it allows you to conveniently view all your marketing activities with just a glance on your smartphone.

GoHighLevel Snapshots

HighLevel Snapshots allows you to replicate and transfer an entire GoHighLevel account to a new account.

With just a click, you can duplicate all the current features, funnels, email campaigns, and more to any account.

This feature is beneficial when handling a sizeable sales team or when transferring account preferences to client accounts.

GoHighLevel Integrations

with a wide range of tools, marketing systems, and payment applications through Go High Level. There is a multitude of options available for integration. 

  • QuickBooks
  • Stripe
  • Facebook Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Mailgun
  • Twilio

Along with many others, through their integration with Zapier.

The integration of Google Calendar allows a smooth combination of the widely used calendar with High Level funnels.

When utilizing specific features together, there is no loss of functionality. This ensures both you and your client have the optimal experience when using the system’s interactions.

You can access training for GoHighLevel from the support provided by the company as well as the community they’ve built.

These lessons will assist you in harnessing the power of integration effectively, enabling your business to expand and attract new customers.

GoHighLevel Support

In general, we were not impressed with Go High Level’s customer support.

It can be quite slow, often taking several hours to receive a response. However, the support provided is usually useful once it is received.

This is not to say that Go High Level is worse than other well-known marketing saas tools; rather, it highlights a problem within the entire industry.

Many SaaS tools prioritize rapid growth and finding the minimum viable product, often sacrificing customer support in the process.

If there is one thing to note, the level of support from GoHighLevel surpasses what we have encountered with competing brands such as ClickFunnels.

Benefits of using GoHighLevel for B2B Sales

GoHighLevel is a powerful CRM tool that is specifically designed to help businesses with B2B sales.

The platform offers a range of features that can help streamline the sales process and make it easier for businesses to close deals.

One of the most notable benefits of using GoHighLevel is its ability to automate certain tasks, such as lead tracking and outreach.

This saves time and energy, allowing sales teams to focus on other important tasks.

Additionally, GoHighLevel offers a range of integrations and personalized workflows, which makes it easier for businesses to customize their sales process.

Finally, the platform is packed with data-driven insights, which can be used to analyze and optimize sales activities.

All in all, GoHighLevel is an excellent tool for businesses with B2B sales.

How to use GoHighLevel to improve sales

GoHighLevel is a powerful sales management and automation tool that can help B2B businesses to improve their sales performance.

With GoHighLevel, businesses can manage sales pipelines, track leads and opportunities, automate customer follow-ups, and more.

GoHighLevel can help businesses to detect sales trends and take proactive steps to increase revenue.

It can also be used to build meaningful customer relationships, streamline sales processes, and monitor sales performance in real time.

With its automated features and intuitive user interface, businesses can quickly and easily identify ways to improve sales.

Automation capabilities of GoHighLevel

In our GoHighLevel review for B2B sales, one of the most impressive aspects of the platform is its automation capabilities.

With GoHighLevel, users can easily customize automated workflows and campaigns to streamline their processes.

This is especially useful for B2B sales, as it helps reduce the time and effort that would otherwise be needed to manually follow up with customers.

Automation capabilities also enable users to set up personalized messages and campaigns to ensure that their customers receive the best possible experience.

Plus, Snapshots allows you to literally copy and paste entire business operation templates to automate everything in your account. You can sell this to clients or use it for your own business.

These features make GoHighLevel an incredibly useful tool for B2B sales.

Pricing Options for GoHighLevel

HighLevel CRM Pricing

GoHighLevel offers 2 simple pricing plans: Starter & Unlimited.

The starter plan is designed for small teams and freelancers who only need the basic features, such as contact and deal tracking and customer relationship management.

The Unlimited plan is for large teams or agencies needing unlimited sub-accounts, API access, branded accounts and unlimited contacts.

All of GoHighLevel’s pricing plans offer a free 30-day trial, so teams can test it out and see if it meets their needs.

White Label CRM Software

One of the coolest features of HighLevel CRM is that, as an agency or entrepreneur, you can white label the software.

This means you can sell GoHighLevel’s features like they’re your own and get customers on autopilot, selling your very own software solution.

This is a game changer and can easily increase your monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Online Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints About GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel receives positive feedback and high ratings on the internet.

The majority of satisfied customers praise its extensive features, ability to eliminate costly marketing platforms, positive support encounters, and the beneficial impact it has on their businesses.

  • On G2.com HighLevel receives a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on feedback from 47 customers.
  • On TrustPilot.com HighLevel receives a rating of “Excellent” with 4.7 out of 5 stars and has been reviewed by 253 customers.
  • On the Better Business Bureau (BBB) HighLevel does not have accreditation and has received a “D” rating along with 1 out of 5 stars. Additionally, there have been 2 customer complaints that were resolved within the past year.

The main concerns expressed by customers revolved around the absence of certain features, inadequate support quality, and problems with the user experience.

Some users also voiced complaints about HighLevel’s negative impact on SEO, prolonged support response times, and insufficient educational resources for customers.

HighLevel CRM FAQ

Is there a GoHighlevel Lifetime Deal?

No, there is no GoHighLevel lifetime deal available.

Does GoHighLevel have a CRM?

Yes, GoHighLevel is a comprehensive platform that includes a CRM (customer relationship management) system, among many other features like appointment scheduling, email marketing, and more.

What is GoHighLevel used for?

GoHighLevel is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that is used to manage a variety of business processes such as lead generation, appointment scheduling, customer communication, and marketing automation. It is designed to help businesses streamline their operations and improve their customer relationships.

Is Go High Level any good?

Go High Level is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed specifically for businesses. It offers various features such as lead management, appointment scheduling, email and SMS marketing, and more. Reviews and ratings from users suggest that Go High Level is a reliable and effective platform for managing customer interactions and improving business processes.

Is GoHighLevel good for ecommerce?

No, GoHighLevel is primarily for B2B businesses and agencies. Ecommerce needs a different set of tools.

What is HighLevel SaaS?

HighLevel SaaS is a white label software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed for businesses to manage their online presence, automate their marketing, and streamline their customer engagement. It offers a suite of tools that enable businesses to create websites, landing pages, appointment scheduling, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. HighLevel SaaS is specifically designed for marketing agencies, local businesses, and independent professionals who want to enhance their online presence and increase lead generation. You can white label the software and sell it as your own.


In conclusion, GoHighLevel is an excellent CRM and marketing automation software for B2B sales teams.

Its features, such as its powerful pipeline management and automation capabilities, make it a great choice for any business.

It also offers great value for its price, making it a great option for businesses on a budget.

With GoHighLevel, businesses can quickly and easily manage their sales and marketing activities to drive growth.

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