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Who is this for?

Anyone using (or thinking of using) outbound lead generation strategies (cold email, LinkedIn outreach, etc.).


Get the data and cold email automation you need to validate and launch your product to the market.

Digital Agencies

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Questions about LinkedIn email scraper solutions

Yes, you can use a LinkedIn email finder or a LinkedIn email scraper. These tools will get emails from LinkedIn.

I highly recommend using to scrape emails from LinkedIn.

Ways to get an email address from a LinkedIn profile:

  1. Use Wiza to get emails from LinkedIn for free
  2. Check the person’s LinkedIn profile and see if they have an email listed

A LinkedIn email extractor (or LinkedIn email finder or LinkedIn email scraper) is a software tool, usually available as a Chrome extension or web app, that helps you find and extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.

  1. Scrape emails from LinkedIn profiles
  2. Manually check the profile to see if it has an email public

You can find someone’s email on LinkedIn by using a tool like Wiza to reveal emails and phone numbers of LinkedIn users.

To scrape leads from LinkedIn:

  1. Install the Wiza Chrome Extension
  2. Go to LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  3. Click the Extract Emails button
  4. Choose your list and start scraping emails from LinkedIn

Scraping data from LinkedIn gives you the ability to use personal contact data to create a tailored list of potential sales leads with all the information you need to create profitable cold outreach campaigns.

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Get Accurate Emails from LinkedIn

Wiza is the best tool to get accurate emails (and phone numbers) from LinkedIn. Give it a try and see why they’re the best.