How to Find Any Email on LinkedIn (2022)

This is a feature we’ve been working on for a long time and I’m extremely excited to show it to you.

How many times has this happened to you?

You’re browsing LinkedIn manually (automation doesn’t solve everything!), prospecting for new clients, partners, or anything else. You find the perfect person and want to find their email quickly and shoot off a manual email, or add them to an automation sequence.

Well, now it’s as easy as one click.

How to Find Anyone’s Email on LinkedIn

  1. Install the ProspectingToolkit Chrome Extension
  2. Browse LinkedIn and find their profile
  3. Click “Find phone + email” button in the lower left corner
  4. Click “Unlock profile information”

Easy as that. 2-3 clicks and you’ve got their email address and enough to inform a perfect, researched cold email.

Here’s a video that goes step-by-step:


LinkedIn is the best B2B database our there right now, with just about anyone you’d ever want to contact.

We’ve made it even easier to get their contact information so you can reach out and get in touch.

Use this power wisely and get out there and close some deals!

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