How to Outsource Lead List Building (2024)

If you’re generating (or working to generate) qualified leads with cold email or LinkedIn outreach, you’re in constant need of valid B2B lead lists.

What if you want someone to build your B2B prospect lists for you?

Let’s dive in:

Options to Outsource Lead List Building

There are a few options here, all have their upsides and downsides, which we’ll go into detail on.

While there’s no “one size fits all”, we will be very clear about our recommendations!


The first option is to head to one of the big freelancers marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr and search for someone to help build your lead lists.

This is probably one of the cheaper options that’s fully outsourced, especially if you can enable them with your unlimited team member ProspectingToolkit account. But there are a lot of things to be aware of.

First, freelancers need DETAILED instructions.

You can’t just write a message saying “I do XYZ service and I need funded startups that raised at least $1M seed round in the last 12 months, is located in USA, and is currently hiring”.

You will get weird, vague questions from them, and I guarantee you won’t walk away with the data or the experience you were looking for.

You would have to specify exactly the data points you need (name – first name and last name? valid email? linkedin url? etc.) and you’d need to suggest sources to find these leads at very least, if not a fully documented SOP with clear instructions and video tutorials.

Sound like a ton of work? It is.

So freelancers can provide results, no doubt, but you have to be very prepared, search and pick the right freelancer for your needs, and with all of your data points, it may still end up being fairly expensive.

If you run a quick Google Search, you can find several large (usually old as the hills) B2B list vendors that sell every kind of list under the sun.

They claim to have fresh data, great customer support, and clear pricing. But usually their data is old, their customer support is a sales team, and their pricing is anything but clear.

There are some good ones, but honestly I have never had a good experience with the bigger B2B data companies.

The smaller ones are usually a group of freelancers which doesn’t do much better than just going direct to the freelancers themselves on a marketplace.

It’s a lot of testing, spending money, getting sometimes good sometimes bad results and none of it is actually scalable or customizable to your needs.

You also end up paying a premium to cover the sales team overhead and many times they try to lock you into contracts, or ring your phone 100 times a day.

If you find a good one, that’s great. The only good one I’ve ever found is freelancer named Savannah.

What’s special about Savannah?

Savannah is a freelancer you can outsource to, just like the rest, but with a few key differences:

  1. She can handle any lead criteria, and can customize to your needs
  2. She provides a base dataset of first name, last name, valid email, linkedin url, company name, company url, and personalized first lines.
  3. She manually verifies each prospect on the list to make sure the data is valid and that it aligns with the target ideal customer
  4. She provides personalized first lines to increase reply rates and make sure your outreach is relevant to the prospect
  5. She’s very affordable

As far as I’ve seen, there is no other company out there offering this level of customization, personalization, hands-off outsourcing, and affordable price point.

Just the personalization alone can be a huge time suck, so outsourcing all of that in one step will yield instant ROI.

👋 Check Savannah’s list building service

Bottom Line

If you want to outsource your B2B lead list building, there are a lot of choices but only one I’d recommend.

Of course, test everything and maybe you’ll find great results in a freelancer or B2B list provider.

Just remember that targeting and data are arguably the most important aspect of cold email or outreach campaigns, because if you’re targeting the wrong people with the right offer, you’ll never get results.

Pro tip: Use ProspectingToolkit and automate, personalize, and manage the entire process.

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