What You Need to Know About Cold Email Deliverability (2024)

Take an in-depth view into cold email deliverability, from the technical setup all the way to writing effective, SPAMless messages that get results.

What is Cold Email?

Cold email refers to an outbound sales prospecting email that functions like an advertisement.

The subject line becomes the headline, the email body the tantalizing message that gets you curious or interested, with a call-to-action to generate a response indicating interest.

Used in conjunction with LinkedIn, social media activity, ads, and phone calls – this is, by far, the fastest, most effective way for B2B companies to fill their pipeline (there are also a million more use cases that we will cover in other posts!).

How to Hit the Inbox with Cold Email Every Time

1. Set up your email service properly

We recommend using Google Workspace to send your emails.

Sign up via Google Domains, in the checkout it’s a one-click install.

Google Workspace has a great sending reputation with other Gmail accounts and other email clients like Outlook.

This how you set up Google Workspace:

  1. Buy mirror domain
    1. Google Domains
    2. Enter your main .com domain into search
    3. Choose “All Endings”
    4. Pick a mirror domain that’s $10-$12
  2. Set up Google Workspace for Gmail
    1. Check the add-on for Google Workspace
    2. Choose Business Starter at $6 /m
    3. Fill out the info for the email account
    4. Go to Email and make sure DNS records are added
    5. Check the main email
    6. Click the sign in button, enter the info, and use your temporary password
    7. Change the password and save it somewhere special
  3. Customize Gmail Profile
    1. Go to admin.google.com and login with the new credentials
    2. Go to Users
    3. Open the new User
    4. Open LinkedIn.com and search for the client’s profile picture
    5. Open the pic, Right Click and Save Image As…
    6. Go back to admin.google
    7. Click the blank profile pic and upload the client’s profile pic
  4. Subscribe to Newsletters
    1. Sign up for newsletters that send daily
  5. Begin Warmup
    1. Go to gmass.co/warmup
    2. Sign in with the new Gmail account
    3. Confirm

2. Write valuable emails

Assuming your targeting is relevant and accurate (basically you’re NOT SPAMMING)…

This is the part of email deliverability that most people skim over.

They’re looking for a shortcut and load up an email promoting their product or service – that provides little, if any value.

Writing a good cold email takes a very specific mindset, which we will attempt to cover here.

First let’s look at what NOT to do:

Hi John,

This is Joe from ACME, we are the best software developers in the world.

We offer:
– App design
– App development
– Website design

Would you like to work with us?

-Joe, ACME

So much of this email is about what “WE” do.

There’s barely even a mention of the value that the potential client would get from the service.

When writing cold outreach messages of any kind, always remember – WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM?

Let’s compare the message above to a cold email that actually gets replies…

Hi John, {personalized first line}

Curious, is {company} currently developing a website or app?

-Joe, ACME

Now you’re focused on them.

Now you’re not assuming a hundred things, you’re asking instead.

Now you’ll get replies, which give you context, which give you a foot in the door to add value, which give you an opportunity to close a sale.


Given the state of the digital revolution, people now regard cold email marketing as a dead technique.

Statistics say otherwise, especially given that many companies continue to enjoy high ROIs and good lead generations and conversions.

A trusty cold email is a personal touch to any marketing campaign, but it’s also easy to screw up.

Deliverability is key to success and to do so, you must get the set up your email sender properly, warm up your email domain, and above all, write valuable emails.

It may be overwhelming to think about, but cold email marketing is here to last — all you need to do is employ the right strategies.

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