Growth Hack: Scrape Job Posts & Generate $18,000 in 1 Week

Using LinkedIn Lead Generation & Cold Email strategies will always struggle with reaching out to in-market prospects.

You need to get clever to find these coveted audiences!

My team and I used a unique lead generation strategy to hit extremely hot, in-market leads for our agency services.

Now, scraping lists that are based on job role and industry category can provide volume but only .5% will be actually in-market for the products you offer.

You would, ideally, be reaching out to people and companies who have a need for your product or service, right?

This is where we need to get creative.

Companies posting job offers for specific roles are looking to solve a business problem.

They may default to hiring full-time positions, and not realize that hiring an agency or freelancer could save them a ton of money and time.

That’s where scraping job posts and sending hyper-relevant outreach becomes HUGE.

Our agency closed $18,000 in new MRR deals in 1 week with this exact strategy.

I’m sure you can beat that if you put the work in!

The Strategy

  1. Determine our Ideal Client Profile (ICP). For us, it was funded technology companies looking for aggressive growth
  2. Scrape contact information from industry job posts looking for Sales Development Reps (SDRs) or outbound lead generation, which would be a perfect opportunity for us to save them money and help them more efficiently versus a full-time hire
  3. Send personalized outreach showing that we researched their company and determined that we could save them either time or money versus a full-time hire
  4. Book qualified sales calls with company decision makers

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The Data

In our case, Angellist Jobs was a perfect way to find job offers from the tech companies we were looking to work with!

Note: this was a very manual process and always should be if you want low numbers to be effective.

You need to be able to communicate with your potential clients in a very personalized way from the beginning to see results quickly.

Generic emails just won’t work for an outreach strategy like this one.

So first things first, you need to find your specific job post source (Angellist in our case) and use a combination of keywords and filters available to zero in on your ideal clients and the right job roles they’re hiring for.

Next, we need to use domains to scrape all of the email addresses of company decision makers.

For this, we’ll use a tool called Prospectss.

Also, create a Google Sheet with a column named “Domains”.

This is where we’ll put the domain names (e.g. of your prospects.

Next, you’ll need to manually vet each company you find to see if they’d be a good fit for your business.

Take this seriously because if they’re not a good fit, your outreach won’t be relevant and you won’t have success with this strategy.

If they look like a good fit, put their domain name in your “Domains” column in Google Sheets.

Repeat these steps until you have about 150-500 solid potential companies’ domain names in your Google Sheet.

Now, head over to Prospectss and use the “Search Emails by Domain” tool and enrich them with contact details

Another way you could get this data (a bit more automated) is to use LeadFuze.

With LeadFuze you could search by job posts using keywords and find people hiring for specific roles.

It’s not as manual/selective, but you can still get some great data faster and scale this approach easier with that type of method.

Use the “Hiring by Role” filter in LeadFuze to get companies hiring

The Outreach

The awesome part of this outreach strategy is that as a freelancer, agency, service provider, etc. it is very likely that you can:

  • Save them money and time (no need to hire, fire, etc.)
  • Get them return on investment (ROI) faster because you already have solid systems and results

Your outreach should be 100% focused on these aspects of your offer.

A quick example… Imagine that you sell paid ads management to funded tech companies. Your cold message could look something like this:

Hi {first_name}, {first_line_personalization_or_compliment}

I noticed that {company} is hiring a media buyer. I recently helped {amazing_case_study_result}.

I have a no-brainer offer I’d like to show you that will remove all the risks of hiring for this role. Open to a quick call this week?


This is just an example, and you’ll need to tailor it to your business and goals. But this is the type of message that can open doors quickly for your business!


Everyone wants to remove risk. All businesses want to save money and do things efficiently.

By being relevant, personalized, and removing risk in the first email they get, you’re showing that you understand their problems and can provide a quick solution.

Note: Write and send each email MANUALLY. Make sure you hit the inbox and send a super unique, valuable email. This is the key to getting results with this strategy.

Final Thoughts on Using Job Posts and Cold Email

Removing risk for companies that are hiring is an absolute no brainer.

This strategy made my agency $18,000 in new recurring revenue and I’m confident it can do great for you too.

Put in the extra effort, make the outreach personalized, and you can see results very fast.

Pro tip: Learn more strategies and exactly how to get results from your cold emails, and close more sales with the Lead Generation Masterclass.

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