How to Get in Direct Contact with Executives or CEOs of Large Companies?

Mid-market to enterprise accounts are amazing clients, but how do you get in contact with top decision makers?

The Challenges of Prospecting for Executives at Large Companies


That is always going to be the main challenge.

Your prospect (in this case, executives at large companies) do not have tons of time to read your long emails and respond.

They are busy and focused, so you need to be as respectful of their time as you can, or you just won’t get any results and, worse case, might annoy them and hurt your brand image.

Keep all communication short and to the point.

The Best Strategy to Prospect for Executives at Enterprises and Mid-Market

I can’t stress this enough: keep it short and direct.

Focus on sending cold emails, as many high level executives don’t use LinkedIn as much as SMB’s.

Executives at mid-market to enterprise level companies don’t want to hear your life story or your company’s entire history.

They want to know:
– Do you understand their pain/problem
– Do you have a solution with proven results

If you have those two points covered, it’s just a matter of getting in front of them, and in some cases, getting them to refer you to the person in the organization who’s in charge of the problem you solve.

Set Up Your Cold Email Campaign

For more info on how to set up your cold email campaign, read this article.

Basically, you need to get the executive’s email address, write a short script with follow ups that will grab their attention, and send out the emails properly.

You can execute this entire process in ProspectingToolkit (try it for free for 14 days!).

As I always say, it’s simple, but it’s not easy.

Follow Up on Multiple Channels

Though your prospect may not use LinkedIn regularly, it won’t hurt to add LinkedIn as a follow up channel.

This is best used to follow up and share valuable content on how you solve their unique problem.

Don’t be salesy and don’t send too frequently, but definitely consider a Connection Request and a direct InMail on LinkedIn as valuable tools.

Target Them with AdRoll Ads

AdRoll is a programmatic advertising platform that can help you get in front of your target audience, especially when it’s executives and you have their email address.

You can load up a custom audience with your list of email addresses and display ads across the internet, creating invaluable brand awareness with your target accounts.

You can also try this approach with LinkedIn ads, and Facebook Ads – test, test, test and keep following up and adding value to your executive prospect.

Bottom Line

Prospecting for executives at large companies in the mid-market to enterprise level is tough, I can’t lie.

But it can be amazingly profitable and grow your business exponentially.

Always keep in mind, these kinds of prospects are busy, focused, and dealing with high level situations.

They will not read your 4-paragraph cold email.

They don’t care about who you are or your company’s history.

But, if you can strike a nerve and solve a problem, they will either hop on a call or delegate to the right person and start the sales process.

Good luck!

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