Guide: Best Call to Action for Cold Email

There’s a few things in life that are inevitable: death, taxes, and cold email working to get new clients.

Seriously though, cold email still works as good as it ever has.

But there’s a few components you need to get right.

Call to action (CTA) is one of those important things, that if you get right, will skyrocket your reply rates.

How to Write a Great Call to Action

In cold email the trick is: make it a low-commitment ask.

The days of “do you have 30 minutes to discuss this on a call?” are over (for the most part).

People generally don’t have 5 minutes and they certainly don’t have 15 or 30 minutes to discuss something with a stranger.

You need to lower the magnitude of the ask.

You need to make it easier to say “YES”.

Examples of Great Cold Email Call to Actions (CTA)

So you know you need to make your call to action better.

And you know it needs to ask less of your prospects, so they can say “yes” easier and faster.


The reality is that that first “yes” is your gateway to signing on new clients or customers.

The more “yes” answers your prospects answer to you, the more likely they are to say “yes” to the big question – should we work together on this?

Here’s some good examples of cold email calls to action that push for a “yes” rseponse:

“Can I send over more information?” (a classic)

“We’re having a free webinar this Wed. on the subject, do you want to [value proposition]?” (add value upfront, show expertise)

“Have you tried [service] before?” (get them to say “yes” and explain their experience so you can inject your unique value)

“Do you have availability for more clients?” (get a yes and expose a qualifying point)

“Are you interested in [result]”? (see if the results you provide are valuable to them before pitching)

“Can you tell me who’s in charge of [what their role does]?” (ask a no brainer question that they can say “I am”, so you can lead in to adding value directly before asking anything)

You want to get them engaged in a conversation.

That conversation can start in emails. It’s only once you start getting into actual value and pricing conversations that it’s best moved to the phone (or Zoom).


Now it’s your turn.

You have your goals ready: minimize your ask and get them to say “yes” to something.

It’s up to you to get creative with your product or service and your unique value proposition.

Any marketing or sales tactic is about iterative testing – and cold email is no different.

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