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Resource Library

ProspectingToolkitStreamline your outreach with LinkedIn, Email, Calling, and SMS, all in one unified platform.Check it outBlogSales, LinkedIn, Cold Email, CRM, AI
πŸ”₯ LeadFuzeThe best B2B lead database available. Includes AI to constantly scrape new, relevant data. Ability to track job hiring data and changes in companies. Highly recommended!Check it outSoftwareCold Email, LinkedIn, Sales
πŸ”₯ HighLevelCRM system for agencies with automations and tons of features - allows white label and resellingCheck it outSoftwareCRM, Entrepreneur, Marketing
πŸ”₯ Sales ClosersThe best source for commission-only sales closers. Includes training with veteran sales closers. Hands on and highly recommended.Check it outProductized ServiceSales
πŸ”₯ SalesHandyHighly recommended cold email sending software. Includes email warmup, email validation, and interactive follow up system. Check it outSoftwareCold Email
πŸ”₯ Master B2B Sales CourseComplete course on how to plan and execute outbound lead generation for B2BCheck it outCourseSales, CRM, LinkedIn, Cold Email, Copywriting, Entrepreneur, Marketing
WizaBy far the best LinkedIn email scraper available. Highly accurate, fast, and simple Chrome Extension.Check it outSoftwareChrome Extension, LinkedIn, Cold Email, Sales
Guide to Personalized Outreach/MessagingA great in-depth guide to the importance of personalization in salesCheck it outBlogSales, LinkedIn, Cold Email
WPMakerBuild SEO ready WordPress sites and sales funnels easier than ever.Check it outSoftwareMarketing, WordPress, Website, Sales Funnels, SEO
MailVerifierBulletproof 0% bounce rate email validation serviceCheck it outSoftwareCold Email
WarmerEmail personalization at scale, including entire cold email writing with AI (locks you into monthly plans)Check it outSoftwareSales, LinkedIn, Cold Email, Copywriting, AI
Jarvis.aiVery reliable AI-powered copywriter toolCheck it outSoftwareLinkedIn, Cold Email, Copywriting, AI, Paid Ads, Marketing
MailwarmSophisticated email warmup technologyCheck it outSoftwareCold Email
Dux-SoupLinkedIn automation platform with a nice APICheck it outSoftwareSales, LinkedIn
PipedriveAwesome CRM app to track sales and increase salesCheck it outSoftwareSales, CRM
ZlappoTwitter growth automation tool with automatic retweets, threads, and moreCheck it outSoftwareTwitter
Happier LeadsIdentify visitors on your website, get their contact info, and reach outCheck it outSoftwareSales, Marketing
LinkedIn Features You Need to Be UsingArticle on overlooked Linkedin messaging features that drive appointment bookingCheck it outBlogLinkedIn, Sales
Google Search OperatorsHow to search google for public spreadsheets of informationCheck it outBlogSales, LinkedIn, Cold Email, Entrepreneur, Marketing
Framework for New BusinessA great framework for factors to consider when starting a new businessCheck it outBlogEntrepreneur
FunnelyticsFunnel tracking software to improve attribution and planningCheck it outSoftwareEntrepreneur, Marketing, Paid Ads
Ultimate Zapier Swipe FileI would call it the "Ultimate Backend Automation Directory", really helpful stuff hereCheck it outTemplate, CourseEntrepreneur, Marketing, Sales, CRM, Cold Email, LinkedIn, Twitter
LinkBoostBoost organic LinkedIn engagement on your posts - be seen as a thought leader to your target audience and start getting inbound leads from LinkedInCheck it outSoftwareChrome Extension, LinkedIn, Marketing
LinkedInboxExamples of profitable LinkedIn conversations and walkthroughs on effective strategies to take leads to a booked meeting on LinkedIn, by Alex BermanCheck it outTemplate, CourseLinkedIn, Sales
American EnglishAlex Berman's course with the mission to help non-US people get more confident with their English speaking, highly recommendedCheck it outCourseEntrepreneur
The InboxScreenshots and walkthroughs of Alex Berman's cold email conversations that led to closed sales. Learn how to take a warm lead to a closed sale.Check it outTemplate, CourseCold Email, Sales
Color Psychology ChartColor is an underrated tool to improve conversions and turn cold traffic into loyal, lifetime customers.Check it outBlogMarketing, Entrepreneur, Paid Ads
StoreLeadsDatabase of E-Commerce data for prospecting.Check it outSoftwareCold Email, LinkedIn, Sales
FindMassLeadsSearchable database of Tech Stack data so you can prospect for new clients using certain software.Check it outSoftwareCold Email, LinkedIn, Sales
LeadjetAn app that makes tracking manual LinkedIn actions and syncing with your CRM easy.Check it outSoftwareLinkedIn
AlsoAskedSee what people have searched for. Super helpful for SEO research.Check it outSoftwareSEO, Paid Ads