How to Book Sales Calls on LinkedIn

With all this talk of automation, sometimes the manual methods are actually stronger.

Let’s dive into how to book sales calls on LinkedIn without fail.

Disclaimer: This is Not Fully Automated

Everyone wants more leads.

Everyone wants to book more sales calls.

LinkedIn is at the highest engagement level it’s ever been and professionals are flocking to it like kids to an ice cream shop.

Meanwhile, you’ve got everyone raving about automating everything.

I am a firm believer in automation, don’t get me wrong.

But the human touch goes a LONG way in a world filled to the brim with AI and automation (aka 2024). That extra time and effort pays off with much higher incremental returns.

So let’s jump into one solid way I’ve found to book sales calls on LinkedIn.

4 Easy Steps to Book Sales Calls on LinkedIn

1. Identify Your Prospects & Save Them in a Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a wonderful paid tool that allows you to really dig into all the data that the platform has to offer.

They have several filters that allow you to find your exact ideal customers and save them into lists.

Check the video below for more on exactly how to use the filters:

My advice is to DIVE IN.

Use boolean searches to narrow down even more into exact qualities your prospects need to have.

Save them to a list or a spreadsheet and take the next step.

2. Engage with Your Prospects’ Content Over 1-2 Weeks

Block out a time to go to your prospects’ profiles and engage with their posts.

Like/React (reactions can stand out in a sea of Likes) and Comment on their posts and Like/React/Reply to their comments on other people’s posts (especially if they don’t post).

Make sure it’s genuine. No “Cool!” comments please.

Write thoughtful replies to their posts/comments and show real, genuine interest in what they have to say.

3. Send Connection Requests to Your Prospects

Go through and write a thoughtful connection request to each prospect you’ve been engaging with.

Something very simple, short, and to the point, but that enforces that you’re interested in adding them to your network and that you’re there to add value.

“Hi {{prospect_name}}, really enjoying your posts. What do you say we connect here on LinkedIn?”

4. When They Connect, Send a Personalized Video

This is the fun part.

Once they’ve accepted your Connection Request, make them a personalized video asking to hop on a quick call.

Use the Video feature in LinkedIn Messages to do this, so it shows up right in their app/messages.

Doesn’t need to be fancy.

Just a video of your face saying “hello”, explaining how you help clients in their industry/niche/problem (basically how you can add value; how you can save/make them money or save them time).

Leave your calendar link (for more techy types), or ask them a good time on a specific day in the not-too-near future.

Adding Some LinkedIn Automation

Now, of course parts of this process could be easily automated.

You could even use LeadFuze and Dux-Soup together to create an automatic prospecting machine.

What really counts is the personalized video when they connect.

Bottom Line

LinkedIn is a great place to prospect, but it’s easy to get lazy with all of the automation out there.

A little manual work can make the difference between a 1% reply rate and a 30% reply rate.

I hope this article helps you to book sales calls with LinkedIn.

If it does, please share it with your network, I know they’ll thank you for it.

Get out there and close some deals!

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