2 Smart Marketing Ideas to Get More B2B Leads for Your SaaS

Originally, in the 2000’s, Software as a Service (SaaS) was seen as no more than a disruptive innovation that was restricted to a few industries.

Now, after a decade of SaaS, it’s become precisely what Marc Andreessen claimed it to be during his 2011 seminal Wall Street Journal essay: a manifestation of “software eating the world”.

Despite the current hurdles posed by the Coronavirus, Software as a Service is a fantastic business model that is overtaking enormous parts of the global economy.

Why is SaaS more popular than ever?

Thanks to the advent of modern technology and its widespread influence on modern businesses’ operations, it’s easy to see why the demand for software is more significant than ever.

With more than half of the world’s population on the Internet, the exponential increase in demand is no surprise.

When it comes to understanding what makes SaaS more popular than ever, it’s crucial to take a closer look at the unique subscription model.

The business model essentially “rents” out use of the cloud server/software infrastructure, for a recurring fee, which makes it simple to manage and extremely profitable over time.

Ways to Boost Your SaaS with Lead Generation Strategies

SaaS is incredible for marketing because the product is interactive and provides direct value.

Here are two practical ways to maximize SaaS leads & sales:

Idea #1: Product Trials

In recent years, it’s been shown that businesses have greatly profited when using Software as a Service for their marketing efforts when offered in the form of product trials.

By letting customers get a feel for your product first-hand, you provide value upfront that will keep your customers using your SaaS, and, in turn, paying monthly or annually for it.

In addition to retention, product trials also help identify qualified leads faster as they act as a strong indicator of buyer intent.

Because today’s tech-savvy customers are particular about experiencing the product themselves, presenting your offering through a trial will help you bridge the gap for a lead much faster!

Idea #2: Cold Emails

If you were to group the most successful SaaS startups and dissect their marketing & sales strategies, you will notice that most of their leads were generated from cold emails.

Good cold emails (yes, there is a difference) work great to generate more leads for your product or service, because they make it easy to book sales meetings with your perfect ideal customer profile.

These meetings allow you to learn about your market, identify common questions from cold prospects, and better tailor your brand strategy for ultimate product market fit.


With SaaS’s rise in today’s digitally-driven world, it’s a hell of a good bet going into the ’20s (lol).

If you’re running a SaaS currently, but inbound isn’t filling the pipeline the way you want it to – outbound marketing strategies and direct sales will fill the gaps.

By starting with the two approaches mentioned above, you can generate high-quality leads for your SaaS in no time.

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