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Our trained team of commission closers are ready to get to work closing deals for your business.

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We make it easy to hire, train, and pay your closers so you can focus on the rest of your business.

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Who is this for?

Digital Agencies

Close sales and increase your MRR, while focusing on improving your agency

High Ticket B2B Services

Increase sales with a dedicated sales closer to sell your services

B2B Technology

We specialize in complex B2B tech industries and are ready to help

Enterprise Software

Increase MRR and ARR and land large accounts with multiple seats

Marketing Agencies

Close more clients on autopilot while you focus on improving your results


Bring on more clients with less effort with a sales closer helping out

Frequent Questions

Questions about sales closers

Yes. You’ll want to have a solid B2B lead generation system set up.

Our database of ready to hire commission sales closers is always growing and we’re always looking for talent in a wide variety of B2B niches.

You should be selling a valuable high ticket B2B solution that costs $5,000 or more.

If you don’t fit that profile, there still could be options.

This is something you should figure out with your closers.

Depends 100% on the situation. Some factors include the deal size, the nature of the product or service, and the volume of leads available.

Start with the Lead Generation Masterclass first.

You can also get in touch if you need it done for you.

Take the commission sales closer quiz and see if you’re ready to hire a closer.

Master B2B Sales Course

Learn everything you need to fill your sales pipeline and close deals predictably!

You will learn:

👉 The secrets to identifying your ideal customers
👉 How to develop a no-brainer offer
👉 How to build targeted prospect lists
👉 How to write cold outreach messages that GET REPLIES
👉 How to convert incoming leads into qualified meetings
👉 The perfect discovery call process
👉 The PROVEN sales process to close new customers!
👉 Land huge clients by adding Direct Mail
👉 All the best free & paid tools you can use
🔥 Lifetime updates

Vanessa Pagan
Vanessa PaganRecruiter
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This is great, definitely getting a lot of value
SebastianFreelance Designer
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This masterclass changes the game. I'm getting more new clients than ever.
Tony York
Tony YorkAgency Owner
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The value here is mind-blowing. I closed over $5k in the first week after I had these new angles to try.
Lead Generation Masterclass
👉 Step by step instructions
👉 Exclusive tips & hacks
👉 Lifetime access
👉 5+ hours of video content
👉 Worksheets & eBooks
Cold Email Bootcamp
👉 Only covers cold email
👉 High level overview
👉 Great for beginners

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