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Martin testimonial for prospectingtoolkit
Martin Smith

DJ & Agency Owner

Feeling amazing... Just got off a call with Google about an upcoming event they would like to include me in based on a cold email I sent to a contact I scraped with ProspectingToolkit!

Morgan Williams
Morgan Williams
Agency Owner
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Paid for itself many times over, recommend it
Vanessa Pagan
Vanessa Pagan
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This is great, definitely getting a lot of value
Freelance Designer
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The software is helping me getting more clients for my business.
Tony York
Tony York
Agency Owner
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Insane value here, the bootcamp helped a lot too

Who is this for?

Get your next B2B clients without the hassle. We handle the lead generation, you build relationships & send invoices.


Simplify lead generation and go-to-market. Get in touch with your target audience faster.

Digital Agencies

Cut the "feast or famine" and get new clients consistently with targeted cold outreach.


First off, it’s an investment, not a cost. We provide ROI results for our clients, because we only work with clients we KNOW we can get results for.

The price consists of a setup fee & a low monthly fee. 

If you sell to e-commerce businesses, we have a pay for performance option.

If you qualify, you’ll need to communicate with warm leads, and sell your services on sales calls.

You’ll also want to organize and follow-up with leads that aren’t in-market. Building relationships is key to sales.

We handle all the lead generation, so you can focus on building relationships and sending invoices.

All of our data is GDPR & CCPA compliant, public record data. But, we use creative filters and search algorithms to find your most in-market audience.

We have a 3-month minimum commitment to make sure you get results.

After that, you can cancel any time.

Unfortunately, that depends on a lot of different factors.
Book your free strategy call and we’ll see what success looks like for you and if we can provide the results you need.
We build your campaigns in 14 days.
We make changes, then we launch and start getting you leads.
We recommend joining our 7-Day Cold Email Bootcampread our blog articles, and join the active Always Building community to network with other lead generation pros!
Done for you outbound lead generation

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