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New Feature: Automated Cold Email Warmup

Skip the annoying manual warmup process. We automatically send emails back and forth, reply, remove from SPAM, and keep deliverability high.

What is Email Warmup?

There’s nothing worse than spending time building a list, setting up a full campaign, then sending emails that no one sees because they end up in SPAM.

The solution?

Whenever you start sending cold emails from a new email account, you’ll need to warm up the email account.

This means making the account look natural, sending emails back and forth, replying to those emails, and removing emails from SPAM.

In the past, you’d have to do this manually.

But we just released this amazing feature in ProspectingToolkit that will do all of it automatically.

How Does ProspectingToolkit Help Deliverability?

In addition to our Automatic Email Warmup feature, we also allow you to “ramp up” your cold email sending automatically.

This means we keep your account looking natural by sending, replying, and removing from SPAM, and also allow you to make sure you send 5, then 10, then 20 emails per day, to make sure your account doesn’t get blocked by Google, Microsoft, or any other email provider.

How Does Email Warmup Work?

We send natural looking (aka non-spammy) messages to our network of 2,000+ users, then we automatically reply to these messages (keeping reply rate high, a key factor in deliverability), and remove the messages from SPAM if they land there (showing that your messages are not SPAM to the recipient).

This keeps a natural flow of emails going back and forth from your account, and makes sure that your cold emails land in the inbox, ready for your prospects to reply to.

Bottom Line

We’re constantly adding new features and improving ProspectingToolkit to help you get your cold emails in your prospects’ inbox.

Start building your campaigns and closing more new customers!

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