How to Send the Actions of My Campaigns to My CRM?

You can connect ProspectingToolkit to other apps using Zapier or Integromat, with Webhooks.

A Webhook is basically a URL you’re passing information to when an action happens.

This is very convenient for sending new replies to your CRM, and things of that nature.

This tutorial will help you to send events from your campaigns such as opened, clicked, replied etc via the tool to other software by using Webhooks.

First locate in the header of your dashboard the icon with a connector: “API / Webhooks”.

Then find the section to send all events related to the leads collected.

Create a webhook step in either Zapier or Integromat.

It will give you a URL. Paste this URL into the section shown above and choose the action you want to be passed.

Please refer to these documentations to connect with your other apps:

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