How many emails can I send per day?

This depends a lot on a few factors:

  • What email sending platform you’re using (ESP)
  • How old the email account is
  • What the sending reputation is
  • The nature of your messages (do they trigger SPAM filters, etc.)
  • The prospects you’re sending to (are they receptive to cold emails, etc.)

And even more honestly.

A good place to start is: if your email account is new, warm it up for at least 1-2 weeks before starting to send. Also sign up for free newsletters that send emails every day. Simulate as much normal activity on the email account as possible before sending any cold emails.

Once you’ve established a bit of reputation, start slow.

Monitor your reply rates and make sure you’re getting 5%+ replies. Any less than that, go back to the drawing board: work on your offer, work on your messaging, work on finding the right prospects, make sure your outreach is hyper-targeted – broad outreach doesn’t work anymore.

Once you’ve got a decent reply rate at low volume, start to ramp up. Send 20-100 per day.

I don’t recommend going over 100/day for Gmail or Office 365/Outlook email accounts.

If you’ve got a good reply rate (10% or more) and you’d like to scale up your outreach, check our article.

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