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The Best Connection Request Script

The market is always changing, but the fundamentals don't. Let's break down what makes a great connection request in LinkedIn.

Sending Connection Requests on LinkedIn

During COVID-19, LinkedIn cemented it's position as THE B2B social network.

That means B2B professionals flocked to the platform in huge numbers, and as a result, engagement rates soared.

While cold email still works fantastic for B2B businesses, LinkedIn is quickly moving to the top spot among seasoned B2B sales pros and marketers.

There are several strategies you can use to generate leads on LinkedIn. We're going to focus on the: Build Prospect List > Send Connection Requests > Send Follow Up Messages.

You can be a little more "salesy" in your follow up messages and include things like videos and links (a big "no-no" in Cold Email), so it opens up a lot of creative ways to use your sales funnel to qualify and convert prospects.
Pro Tip: LinkedIn reply rates are 2x more than Cold Email post-COVID.

The Best LinkedIn Connection Request Script

The most important part of a LinkedIn connection request is to come off as a valuable connection - not to appear salesy.

If you try selling in this message, you won't have a great success rate.

Think of this like the first impression, the first introduction to a new business contact (which it is!).

Would you walk up and immediately start pitching your product/service?

I don't think so.

Let's see some Connection Request templates that have worked well for us and our clients:
Connection Request Template
Hi {{first_name}}, would be great to connect.
Connection Request Template
Hi {{first_name}}, saw you are in the {{industry}} industry - would love to connect.

Bottom Line

Keep it friendly, short, and intriguing.

Your prospect will most likely vet your profile and see what you do, so there's no need to tell your life story in the connection request message.

As always: test, test, test and find what works for your unique case.
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