7 Best Sales Software You NEED to Try (2023)

A solid sales stack is critical in any business. It should enable your sales team to work more efficiently and close more deals (with more transparency).

What is a sales stack?

A sales stack refers to all of the databases, technology, tools, and automations a sales team needs to conduct business efficiently.

The goal of a solid sales stack is to enable sales reps to keep track of relationships, generate leads, automate low-level tasks, and, ultimately, close more deals because of the way the sales stack enables successful processes to scale.

Without a sales stack, or with a very basic one, sales professionals work much harder to hit sales numbers.

If it’s not in the CRM, it didn’t happen.

Recommended Software

  1. CRM/Appointment Scheduling/Calls: HighLevel
  2. Email Marketing: MailerLite
  3. Email/Video Calls/Storage: Google Workspace
  4. Screenshare Videos: Vimeo
  5. Prospecting: LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  6. Data Enrichment: Wiza
  7. Cold Outreach Automation: SalesHandy


The best sales stack for your company will vary on a ton of factors.

I hope this helped you learn about some new tools and narrow in on exactly what you need to look for!

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