The Most Annoying Part of LinkedIn Lead Generation

Do you have a LinkedIn inbox full of annoying, unsolicited messages that seem to exist just to piss you off? Yeah… me too. Don’t be one of them.

LinkedIn Doesn’t Need to Be Annoying

I want to get to the bottom of why LinkedIn has become more of a daily annoyance than a productive professional network.

There’s a few factors here:

1. The rise of automation has given way to a “batch’n’blast” mentality that values technology over real human interaction.

2. In general, sales/business people assume too much when they do any kind of marketing or sales outreach.

Let’s dive into these two points.

1. Automation Overload

LinkedIn has automation overload

Automation is a great thing.

It makes the world so much more efficient and helps humans expand their ingenuity further.

I want to be clear: I love automation.

But… Automation can corrupt a human to human interaction if it’s not used properly.

You may be familiar with the term SPAM. People (humans) hate SPAM.

But automation can turn to SPAM so quickly if you’re not extremely careful.

At the end of the day, automation should only be used to boost a true human-to-human interaction, not replace it.

When it comes to cold outreach, this means personalizing heavily and knowing your market’s pain points + language.

Don’t let automation go out of control and hurt your brand – I’ve seen it happen too many times.

2. Assumption Overload

In the spirit of real human-to-human interaction… Let me paint you a picture.

You’re a straight young man looking for a young lady to have a human-to-human relationship (just an example).

You go out to a bar or party to have some fun and possibly meet this woman of your dreams.

You’re in the bar scanning the scene and you see her… Beautiful, laughing, obviously a fun person. It’s time to make your move.

You walk right up to her and say “I think we’d make a great couple, can I have 15 minutes of your time?”.

Or even worse, you say “I think I love you – do you want to come home and meet Mom?”.

What do you think her reaction will be?

I have a guess… Could involve a slap to the face, could involve the “eww gross” face, there’s about a million ways to deal with that pitch, but none of them involve you creating a relationship with that woman.

So… why am I explaining this?

Because with cold email and sales prospecting you’re dealing with exactly the same situation (with a few surface level differences).

The “bar” or “party” could be LinkedIn.

The perfect woman could be your exact ideal client profile (ICP), the one kind of customer you work perfectly with and deliver enormous value.

But the situation is the same.

The problem is, we all make assumptions in these situations. We can’t help it. So we have to work very hard to stop assuming and start ASKING.

Enter Conversational Outreach

The answer… I like to call it: “Conversational Outreach”.

Instead of approaching your prospect with what YOU do and how great YOUR company is and how you solve THIS problem…

You focus on them. You focus on adding value.

Easy enough to say, but how does that work?

Well, to add value you need to have some context about their situation.

To have context into their situation, you need to ASK what their situation is!

Simple as that.

Now, you may know your ideal customer extremely well, and know the kinds of situations they might be in. You say “90% of your ICP that you’ve spoken to have this particular problem”.


But you don’t know if that’s the case for THIS specific prospect.

So, you should do the human thing and ASK.

This is the foundation of Conversational Outreach: asking a great question… engaging in a conversation (where you, yep you guessed it, add value), and seeing if it makes sense to offer to help.

This also helps you to create content around the answers and situations you find your ICP in.

So, instead of “can we meet for 15 minutes this week?”…

You ask “is {company} currently focused on increasing organic traffic to your website?”

Watch the replies come in – now it’s time to add value, become their trusted advisor, and book a sales meeting 🙂

Bottom Line

Automation on LinkedIn or Cold Email is a great idea and can grow your company exponentially.

Problem is, if you lose the humanity, you lose the revenue potential.

Back up, stop assuming, and ask your prospects what their current situation looks like. Add value, qualify, and take it to the next step.

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