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Solopreneur Statistics: Everything You Need to Know

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, the rise of the solopreneur has been a notable trend. These individuals have chosen to embark on their business ventures independently, without the need for additional help from freelancers or part-timers. In this blog post, we will delve into the statistics surrounding solopreneurs in the United States, shedding light on their numbers and shedding light on their characteristics.

Solopreneur Statistics

Solopreneur Statistic Value Source
Number of solopreneurs in the US 25.3 million US Census Bureau
Percentage of the US workforce that is self-employed 10.5% US Census Bureau
Percentage of solopreneurs who are women 43% SideHustle Science
Percentage of solopreneurs who are millennials 53% SideHustle Science
Average annual income of solopreneurs $69,000 SideHustle Science
Percentage of solopreneurs who work full-time 70% SideHustle Science
Percentage of solopreneurs who work from home 75% SideHustle Science
Top industries for solopreneurs Professional and business services, retail, healthcare, and construction SideHustle Science
Top reasons for becoming a solopreneur Be their own boss, pursue their passion, and have a flexible schedule LeapMesh
Challenges faced by solopreneurs Lack of work-life balance, isolation, and difficulty finding clients LeapMesh

Please note that these statistics are from the United States, and may not be representative of solopreneurs in other countries.

The Growing Population of Solopreneurs

According to recent studies, a significant number of individuals in the United States have embraced the solopreneurial path. In fact, approximately 41.6% of solopreneurs have been running their businesses for less than one year, indicating a growing interest in this business model. This suggests that more people are seeking independence and autonomy in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Based on the available statistics, it is difficult to provide an exact number of solopreneurs in the United States. However, the data suggests that solopreneurs make up a significant portion of small business ownership in the country. With the growing interest in solopreneurship, it is safe to say that their numbers are on the rise.

Diverse Sectors of Solopreneurship

Contrary to popular belief, solopreneurship is not limited to the high-tech industry. Although only 10% of American solopreneurs work in tech-focused sectors, the majority hail from diverse industries such as healthcare, retail, and construction. This showcases the versatility and adaptability of solopreneurs across various sectors.

Solopreneur Earning Potential

While some may assume that solopreneurs struggle to generate significant revenue, the statistics tell a different story. Surprisingly, 1 out of 5 solopreneurs in the USA earns between $100k to $300k annually without the need for additional help. This highlights the potential for financial success in solopreneurship, provided one is dedicated and determined to reach their goals.

Characteristics and Demographics

Solopreneurs come from all walks of life, with varying levels of education. Approximately 53.2% of solopreneurs have attained a certain level of education, showcasing that formal education is not always a prerequisite for success in this field. Additionally, it is interesting to note that 51.6% of solopreneurs operate their businesses from home, while 21.6% prefer to work from an office setting.


The number of solopreneurs in the United States is on the rise, with a significant percentage having successfully established their businesses within a short period. These individuals represent a diverse range of industries and have the potential to earn substantial annual revenue. While solopreneurship requires dedication and hard work, the statistics reveal that success is attainable for those who are willing to take on the challenge. So, if you are considering venturing into the world of solopreneurship, take inspiration from the growing community of solopreneurs in the USA and embark on your own journey towards independence and success.

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