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Send leads or other data from ProspectingToolkit to Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive,, Zoho CRM, Copper, and many more with a few clicks.
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Send notifications when you get a reply on your cold email campaigns in any chat app.
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Add new, valid leads to Google Sheets or your spreadsheet tool of choice.

ProspectingToolkit vs Competition

Prospecting Toolkit
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Sales Lead Extraction
LinkedIn Automations
Image Personalization
Auto Email Warmup
Unlimited SMTPs
$99/month, unlimited
Limited features and high prices

| ❤️ Prospecting Toolkit

Martin Smith
DJ & Agency Owner
Feeling amazing... Just got off a call with Google about an upcoming event they would like to include me in based on a cold email I sent to a contact I scraped with ProspectingToolkit!
Wow this beats D7LeadFinder by miles...
Lead Generation Agency Owner
Accurate, unlimited data. We're closing deals like crazy.
Sam Davies
Agency Owner
Amazing for recruiting. Unlimited data is a lifesaver!
Sarah Smith
Paying per contact was getting expensive, this is great.
Jim Mathias
Creative Agency Owner

Affordable Pricing

Join 1,949+ other smart sales pros, marketers, entrepreneurs, and recruiters.
3,000 Leads
per month / per user

Frequent Questions

Can I try it out?
Of course. Sign up for your free 7-day trial and get ROI before you pay anything.
What CRMs do you integrate with?
We integrate with: Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics 365,, SalesLoft,, Woodpecker, Copper, Nimble, Mailshake, Lemlist, and more. Connect 1,500+ other apps by using Zapier or Integromat.
Do you have an API?
Yes. Once you're logged in on a paid plan, you can connect ProspectingToolkit with any app using Zapier or Integromat.
Are emails verified?
Yes, the emails we provide are verified. However, if you want another layer of verification (recommended), use EmailListVerify.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan anytime?
Absolutely, you can control all of this in our dashboard.
Do leads roll over each month?
No. If you are on the 3,000 Leads plans you get access to that quantity of lead exports, per tool (Social Media Extractor + Data Enrichment) per month.
How does the Unlimited plan work?
Simple, you get unlimited EVERYTHING (including team user accounts) for one simple monthly or annual price (get 2 months free with annual). That means unlimited email senders (and warmups), unlimited lead exports, and unlimited campaigns.
How do I warm up my email address?
Everything you need to properly warm up your email senders is built into ProspectingToolkit, unlimited.
How do I run cold email outreach campaigns?
We recommend joining our 7-Day Cold Email Bootcamp, read our blog articles, and join the active Cold Crowd community on Telegram to network with other prospecting pros!
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