LinkedIn Lead Generation

How to Generate B2B Leads with LinkedIn

The market is always changing, but we wanted to share some amazing LinkedIn Lead Generation strategies that have worked for us.

Why LinkedIn for Lead Generation?

During COVID-19, LinkedIn cemented it's position as THE B2B social network.

That means B2B professionals flocked to the platform in huge numbers, and as a result, engagement rates soared.

While cold email still works fantastic for B2B businesses, LinkedIn is quickly moving to the top spot among seasoned B2B sales pros and marketers.

There are several strategies you can use to generate leads on LinkedIn. We're going to focus on the: Build Prospect List > Send Connection Requests > Send Follow Up Messages.

You can be a little more "salesy" in your follow up messages and include things like videos and links (a big "no-no" in Cold Email), so it opens up a lot of creative ways to use your sales funnel to qualify and convert prospects.
Pro Tip: LinkedIn reply rates are 2x more than Cold Email post-COVID.

What Tools Do I Need for LinkedIn Lead Generation?

This depends a lot on the goal of your campaign, we'll recommend some tools below.
You'll need this to unlock the full power of LinkedIn.
Only automates view profile and connection requests. Not suitable for larger drip campaigns (yet)
Chrome Extension with an API, perfect for individuals looking to generate leads for their business.
Cloud-based tool that will run while you sleep and include multiple accounts, better for teams and those wanting a more hands-off experience.

How to Build Your Ideal Prospect List

Head to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and open up all the filters.

How to Write Cold Emails That Work

There's a few things you need to know upfront.

1. Do not sell in cold emails
2. Do not include links in Cold Emails
3. Do not include more than 3 paragraphs in a Cold Email

Cold Emails exist to create a connection, spark interest, and lead deeper into your sales funnel.

You never want to "pitch" in a cold email - you'll end up in the SPAM folder.

Think of it as a 1-to-1, personal memo, introducing your company and how you can HELP your prospect. I repeat: do not sell or talk about your product or service.

Writing a cold email is very simple, but that doesn't mean "easy".

It takes a lot of testing to get it right, and you'll want to send small batches to make sure you are resonating with your audience.
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