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These guys give real value, No BS and straight to the actionable points that get you results. Best cold email training. Thanks for giving so much value. your free email newsletter alone worth $$$$. Keep up the great work! Cheers,
The course is very solid I learned many new things which are not presented in many of the so-called guru's courses. Glad to found something so valuable for free. Thanks to Alex and the team for providing such a valuable course.
Sarthak Sharma
The ICP, USP, Linkedin, software, and Cold Email videos were the most valuable. I interviewed a roofer on behalf of my client for over 30 minutes, and took away so much gold. Would never skip that part now yet wouldn't have done so without watching this course. Truly a masterclass in what matters, and I feel more professional about my set-up and research for my agency. I so appreciate Alex and the team!
Maximino Grantham
Very very solid course. These guys are very knowledgable and learned a lot about doing outreach the RIGHT WAY. Learned more in this course than a 4k$ bullshit course.
S Thali
Great course. Thank you Alex for making everything look so simple. I will recommend this course to anyone interested in knowing more about lead generation.
Oluwafemi Adams
Alex does a great job at explaining all the little details and the why behind everything in the process. I wasn't expecting this course to be packed with this much value. There is a lot of gold nuggets in this course that I wish I knew about sooner. Definitely upped my cold outreach game significantly, so thank you Alex!
Deniz Turan
10 out of 5!
Steve Robles
Great Work Alex. probably everything you need to run an outbound marketing agency. loved it!
Sourabh Mittal
I was able to close events now with Dell & Intel and also have one on the horizon together with Nike, Jordan & Converse. Both of those from ProspectingToolkit email leads.
Martin Smith

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1,949+ happy customers

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I am brand new to marketing and cold email. I have watched all types of videos on YouTube for the past month, but I have learned more in this course the past couple of days than I have in the whole month. No one explains this stuff better than Alex. You the man!!
Brian Scalper